International Migrants Day
Today, Monday, Jordan and the world commemorate International Migrants Day, which falls on December 18 of each year. International Migrants Day is dedicated to acknowledge the importance of the contributions of migrants, bring the spotlight back to a major issue in particular the challenges migrants encounter, clear the way to draw migrants to their host countries, e ..

World Contraception Day
26 September 2023 High Unmet Need for Effective Family Planning Methods in Jordan Missed Opportunities for Seeking Advice on Numerous Reproductive Health Elements On September 26th of each year, the world commemorates World Contraception Day. The objective is to raise awareness about the available family planning methods for couples to make informed choices. It ..

Jordan Joins the World in Celebrating International Youth Day
Wednesday, 12 August 2020 Today, Wednesday, marks the celebration of International Youth day, which falls of August 12 of every year. The theme for this year, “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, aims to shed light on ways to enhance youth participation by making local, national and global institutions more inclusive for the purpose of strengthening youth capacity ..

Jordan joins the world in celebrating World Habitat Day
Jordan and the world are celebrating World Habitat Day on Monday, which falls on the first Monday of October every year. this day was first announced in 1986. World Habitat Day aims to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, reflect on the right of everyone to have adequate shelter, and raise awareness of urbanization trends and existing challenges. This year ..

Jordan joins the world in celebrating International Migrants Day

Jordan participates in The Celebration of The Volunteers International Day for Economic & Social Development
On Sunday Jordan participates in The Celebration Of The Volunteers international Day for Economic & Social Development which fell on December 5th each year commissioned by the General United Nation association in 1985, It provides an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individuals to promote volunteerism, encourage Governments to support volunteer efforts and ..