Workshop on local and global collaborative knowledge sharing and utilization in parent-adolescent relationship with regard to SRH information

Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Higher Population Council and ShareNet Jordan, with funding from ShareNet International organized the second training workshop on the collaborative approach in sharing and using knowledge at the local and global levels, especially with respect to parent-adolescent relationship regarding sexual and reproductive health information.

Attended by a panel of local experts and target groups, the workshop aimed to adopt a collaborative approach in transferring to stakeholders and using gained knowledge in the parent-adolescent relationship regarding SRH by preparing knowledge products that assist parents in educating their children and motivating communication with respect to SRH.

Director of studies and policies at HPC and ShareNet Coordinator in Jordan, Ali Al Mutlaq, said that the workshop follows up on the first workshop and includes sessions that focus on building the capacity of participants in strategies that impact the translation and use of SRH knowledge using social analysis. Mutlaq also presented the findings of a survey on adolescents’ information needs and the best means to help parents convey the information to their children or answer their questions. He also overviewed national efforts in developing guidelines for healthcare providers in educating parents on adolescent-oriented SRH issues. The manual was developed by the Jordanian ministry of Health, UNFPA- Jordan Office, and the Royal Health Awareness Society.

Moreover, the workshop included brainstorming sessions to identify the questions that adolescents need answers to from their parents, as well as the distribution of roles to members of the experts committee to answer the questions and come up with a user-friendly knowledge product for parents to enhance the relationship between parents and adolescents in this field.

The first workshop focused on building the capacity of participants in the collaborative approach, which relies on disseminating and adopting the existing knowledge with local experts to achieve a common goal through enabling the sharing of experiences between hem in the field of making improvements in a specific issue, presenting an issue highlighted by numerous studies of HPC and ShareNet Jordan on the need to facilitate the sharing of SRH information by parents with their adolescent children, building trust between them and understanding needs.