HPC Launches ShareNet

Sunday, May 28, 2017

HPC, in cooperation with ShareNet Netherlands, launched today the ShareNet project with the participation of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan, educational institutions, research centers and relevant national ministries and institutions.

at the event , HPC Secretary General, Engineers Maisoon Al Zoubi, highlighted the partnership with ShareNet Netherlands to develop a platform for supporting research and studies in the field of reproductive health to help strengthen related concepts and methodologies and put in place mechanisms for reinforcing good behaviors and practices and disseminating knowledge on a large scale.

Al Zoubi noted that the project, which started in 2016 in cooperation with ShareNet Netherlands, aims to establish an interactive online portal to support research in reproductive health with the participation of stakeholders and partners from various sectors, facilitate the creation and dissemination of reproductive health knowledge and build the capacity of key partners in identifying knowledge gaps.

She further explained that the role of HPC in this field is not limited to completing the projects funded by ShareNet Netherlands, but extends beyond that to sponsor and oversee the completion of research projects that aim to enhance scientific research and societal knowledge in reproductive health.

Al Zoubi confirmed the need to build on national efforts to complete more research in reproductive health, especially given the changing demographics due to internal and external circumstances and their impact on efforts to enhance knowledge, practice and social attitude towards reproductive health and how that impacts the health of mothers and children, family wellbeing and limit population growth.

Director of Policies and Studies at HPC and ShareNet Project Coordinator in Jordan, Ali Al Mutlaq, overviewed the different ShareNet hubs in the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Brundi and Jordan and noted that a steering committee comprising national institutions has been established as part of this project.

Mulaq explained that ShareNet Netherlands has collaborated with HPC to implement several activities in support of population-related issues and policies.

Moreover, HPC Chief Researcher, Ghaleb Al Azzeh, talked about child marriage trends in Jordan and its impact on girls and society as well as the main suggested policies and procedures to limit this phenomenon.

HPC is the national focal point for ShareNet International, which was established by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring together expertise of Dutch institutions, countries of the south and international organizations working in the field of reproductive health to strengthen the role of knowledge in creating evidence-based policies and practices and ensuring the strategic use of resources to establish a platform to support reproductive health research.